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The sump pump protects your home from flooding by driving water away. It is the most vital component in any basement waterproofing system, so it is important to make sure it is installed and working properly.

If you are in need of a professional and experienced team to install, repair or replace your sump pump, then the Sump Pump Geeks are the ones to call!


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Having a functional sump pump is the key to keeping your basement from flooding. That’s why it must be regularly serviced and inspected by professionals to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Protect Your Family and Home

Flooding is one of the most damaging things that can happen to your property. In addition to all the headache and expense involved, it can pose serious health risks for you and your family.

The Sump Pump Geeks are here for to protect homeowners from flooding with their professional services in installation or maintenance. The safety of your family is our top priority. That’s why we want to make sure you have the best possible experience with us, by providing excellent customer service and quality workmanship on all projects!