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Cause of Basement Leaks

Cause of Basement Leak

Cause of Basement Leaks in Fairfax,
Alexandria & Arlington, VA

There are many possible reasons for a leaky basement, some of which may not be so obvious at first glance. Common factors are clogged drains, backfilled soil from excavation, hydrostatic pressure and tiny cracks in the concrete caused during material settling. Most times, it’s two or more of these factors combined.


Properly waterproofing a basement requires taking all these issues in account.

Wall & Floor Leaks in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA Foundations

When there’s a clog in your exterior drainage system,  it allows water to accumulate and, as it is absorbed by the ground, oversaturating the soil around your foundation. This oversatured soil expands and pushes against your foundation walls, causing water to seep into your basement through any tiny gaps and cracks between the walls and floor.


Leaks lead to increased humidity in your basement, creating an environment that is very conducive to mold growth, dry rot and a host of other problems that can seriously affect the structural integrity of your home and quality of life for your family.


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Clogged Drainage System

Clogged footing drains are a frequent cause of basement leaks. Since it’s exposed to all sorts of tiny particles and debris that enter the system along with rainwater, over time it’s common that build ups occur and start hindering water flow. When the way is blocked and water has nowhere else to go, it will gradually seep into your basement through any cracks, joints and weak points in your walls and floor.

Footing Drain Installation in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA by Sump Pump Geeks

When installing a footing drain, you need to first excavate the soil around your foundation and backfill it once installation has been completed. Backfilled soil is usually much more permeable than untouched soil, absorbing more water that will end up accumulated against your foundation walls. This makes it easier for water to gradually seep into your basement through any gaps and cracks.

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