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Preparing Sump Pumps for Winter

Preparing Sump Pumps for Winter

Northern VA Sump Pump Geeks Preparing Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA Pumps for Winter

Your sump pump may have problems during the winter season if the water collected in your basin is frozen due to the extremely low temperatures. Working in these conditions can result in overheating and failure, possibly damaging your sump pump and leaving your basement unprotected.


To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to give your sump pump the attention it needs during the winter season.

Extensive Care for Your Sump Pump for Winters in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

Along with winter comes the need for some preventive prep work on your sump pump. While they’re not likely to run as often during this time of year, it’s best to be prepared by ensuring that ice build-ups don’t block the flow of water and prevent the sump pump from working properly when you need it.


The Sump Pump Geeks are ready to winterproof your sump pump system and provide protection and peace of mind for your home and family.

Complete Inspection & Winterization for Your Sump Pump in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

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