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Crawl Space Repair

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Dehumidification in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

Vented crawl spaces can be a source of many problems for your home. Being vulnerable to many different sources of moisture, it can become a breeding ground for dust mites, mold and many other problems that can put your safety at risk. Also, if left unchecked, these issues can result in costly damage to the structural integrity of your property.


Fortunately, Sump Pump Geeks are here to resolve any issues in your crawl space. We provide expert services and products and are always committed to finding the best solutions to keep your crawl space and home safe from moisture.

Common Vented Crawl Space Problems in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

  • Mold and dust mites
  • Foul odors
  • Standing water
  • Dry rot and structural decay
  • Sagging floor joists and support beams
  • Pests and wildlife intrusion
  • Higher energy bills


Comprehensive Crawl Space Inspection & Repair in Fairfax, Alexandria & Arlington, VA

Sump Pump Geeks provides professional services to solve each and every one of your crawl space problems. From inspection and repair to vapor barrier and dehumidifier installation, we have the perfect solution to control humidity and protect your crawl space year round!

Rely on Sump Pump Geeks to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry, Mold Free and Energy Efficient.

It’s easy to forget about your crawl space most of the time. Unfortunately, if left untreated, it can quickly bring all sorts of problems and end up costing you a lot more in repairs than you would ever spend on preventative measures.

With Sump Pump Geeks, you have access to the very best in crawl space repair and protection. And thanks to our annual service plans, you can count on your crawl space being in top shape all year round, ensuring more safety, better quality of life and lower electricity bills!

Call us now for expert repair, encapsulation and moisture control services in crawl spaces!